Research of Achim Hoffmann

Research Interests:

My research interests lie at the core of the emerging field of Data Science: The problem of building systems capable of making complex decisions based on large quantities of available data. Statistical methods and Machine Learning use data to support this process. However, the data by itself is often not sufficient to achieve sensible results. The suitable choice of a representation of the data as well as a suitable bias of the (learning) method used is often instrumental to achieve good results even where large amounts of data are available. E.g. a linear function cannot properly reflect a non-linear relationship. Hence, I am interested in both, in automatic learning methods (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Statistics) as well as interactive approaches to building knowledge bases utilising the human expert as well as available data.
I believe a combined approach of both, analysing data as well as interacting with human experts is the most effective way to cover the technical side in the field of Data Science.

Graduated Research Students: